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Book Reviews

Medium: A blogging site started by the founders of Twitter with millions of monthly readers.

Review by: Colin Jordan

Posted: 6/17/21


Goodreads: The world's largest community of book lovers with 100 million monthly users.

Review by: Alexander

Posted: 6/17/21


Real Leaders: An online and print magazine targeting CEOs and Business Leaders with a readership that includes135 countries and 300,000 visitors a month.

Article by: Alex Dripchak

Posted: 7/04/21


YoungUpstarts: Top 15 entrepreneurial site with 150,000 monthly readers.

Article by: Daniel Goh

Posted: 6/23/21


"Dripchak recently sat down with Young Upstarts to talk about his own successful sales career, share his insights about how other young sales pros can grow and get ahead, and discuss why “hard skills set the floor, but soft skills break the ceiling.” ...


Alex Dripchak of Commence: “In sales, emotion always trumps logic. And “salesy” is not an emotion that people want to feel from others”

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