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100 Skills

of The Successful 

Sales Professional

By Alex Dripchak
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About the author

Alex Dripchak is a sales and career readiness advisor based in NYC. His experience includes being a relationship manager and industry group leader at perennial #1 HR & Talent consulting leader, Mercer. Alex's past experiences also include being a Sales Manager and Outside Field Sales Producer at Oracle where he was the first person to attain both positions prior to age 25. Alex is the co-founder of the college to career skill development program, Commence. Alex is driven by the overarching mindset that “there has to be a better way” and an individual can be the impetus, spearhead or advocate to drive that better path forward.

About My Book
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100 Skills has curated and consolidated expert teachings from 27 different authors and connected them with Alex’s own experiences to offer students and early to mid-career sales professionals a priority countdown of the most important skills you need to be successful in sales.

The book takes a very conversational, candid approach that minimizes words on a page but maximizes value extraction.


100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional prioritizes action-orientation and puts antiquated outlines out to pasture. The book is designed to not only curate the best expert teachings but it also consolidates these teachings to maximize the value extracted from every page. If you’re conscientious about making the biggest impact in your professional career by taking action to minimize the long learning (and earning) curve, then this is the playbook for you.

My Books

"100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional by Alex Dripchak is a book that is full of great ideas for the salesperson that is looking for great ideas. Selling is a thinking person's game and Alex Dripchak has written a terrific book that is a repository for excellent sales ideas that provoke thought and that any sales person can learn from IF they desire more success.​"



CEO, Delta Point, Inc. Ranked 3rd best sales professional by Global Gurus

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